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Deployment Tracker

Deployment Tracker

A geospatial human mapping tool, specifically made for the U.S.A Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to keep track of current military personnels of their job titles, deployment schedules, known whereabouts, and other personal confidential information.



Designed for AT&T and Verizon used to offer mapping solutions for managing cell towers for preventative maintainence, cellular asset management, diaster recovery, and reporting.

Hunting for Online Coupon and Discount codes made easy. We work to provide our users with the latest and up to date code and offer them a great and easy way to browse for the exact coupons they need and share their findings with their families and friends.

drinkup App

Spend more time having fun when you're out at the bars and less time being ignored by the bartender in that crowded bar. Order and pay with your mobile device and receive alerts when your order is ready is picked up. Drink Up! old

This is my old portfolio site. I would say my design aesthetics have matured a bit since the build of the last site.

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I am Tonny Ma, a designer and developer that specializes in user experience, product design, user interface design for web and mobile. People always wonder about what user experience entails in web and mobile. In short, it's where I put myself into the minds of my customers in order to predict their wants and needs, and to use research to back up my predictions, to build the best experience possible for my products. Intuitive, captivaiting, and with a little bit of style. It's a blend of Advertising, Marketing, Design, and Tech. Want to know more? Ask me.

Finally, Yes, there are two N's in my name. Tony with 2 Ns. Hence, the N² :)

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